Thursday, 22 January 2015

"Do's and Don'ts" and Guidelines for Post Masters and Staff

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Consideration of Married son as dependent famil member for the purpose of compassionate engagement to GDS Post

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7th Pay Commission – Estimated Pay Scales shows substantial increase in salary for CG Employees

Hurry..! 7th Pay Commission’s report to be implemented on 01.01.2016

Estimated Pay Scales shows substantial increase in salary.

New Delhi, There is a good news for Central Government employees that 7th Central Pay Commission’s report will be implemented with effect from 01.01.2016. Central Government employees are expecting merger of dearness allowance, increase in other allowances such as house rent, children education allowances etc. with the implementation of this report.

With the beginning of 2016, pay scales proposed by 7th pay commission will be implemented. Our reports suggests that expected pay structure would be similar that we have produced. If this happens then there would be three times jump in the salaries of central government employees.

7th pay commission has reiterated that ratio between the minimum and maximum pay scales proposed by 6th pay commission was 1:12. It has also reiterated that there are lots of anomalies left, after the implementation of 6th pay commission and those anomalies will certainly be taken care of. It is expected that ratio between the minimum and maximum pay would be 1:13. This will certainly be anoying factor for employees unions.

Employees unions are studying estimated pay scales and would certainly be registering its suggestions soon.

Till date central government has notified six pay commissions before notifying seventh in February 2014. First central pay commission was notified in 1946, second CPC in 11957, Third CPC in 1970, Fourth CPC in 1983, Fifth in 1994 and sixth in 2006.

Report of sixth pay commissoin was implemented w.e.f. 01.01.2016. Sixth pay commission had proposed many newthing such as children education allowance and transport allowance.

It further prposed increase in all allowances by 25% with the increase in dearness allowance to 50% to counter rising inflation. It had also proposed two year child care leave for women employees. These measures were widely welcomed by central government employees. These measures were widely welcomed by central government employees. 6th pay commission had also proposed to modify assured career progression scheme and introduced Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACP).

Now central government employees are expecting modification in allowances and schemes. Employees are expecting increase in house rent, children education allowance, transport allowance and other allowances. Employees are also expecting that currency of Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme will be reduced to five years from 10 years. Employees unions are demanding upgradation in grade pay after five years, if the employee doeno’t get the benefit promotion in five years time.

Central government employees are also expecting that 7th pay commission would recommend permanent solution to merger of dearness allowance with basci pay if it crosses 100% mark.

Employees are also expecting increase in annual increment from 3% to 5%. One bone of contention for central government employees is Grade pay Rs. 5400. This grade pay falls both in PB-2 and PB-3. Employees are expecting increase in grade pay Rs.5400 which falls in PB-3 so that on promotion employees get increase in grade pay along with increase in increment @5% (current increment is 3%).

City compensatory allowance was stopped by 6th pay commission. Employees’ unions wants that city compensatory allowance be restored according to the class of cities.

Expectations are very high let’s see how much 7th pay commission fulfills those. But it is certain that 7th pay commission will bring cheers to around 80 lakhs central government employees and pensioners.



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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


ATM CARD/e-Banking/Mobile banking REQUEST FORM for existing 
customers who have opened accounts after Migration to CBS

Post Office______________________Date________________
SOL ID___________________


For Applicant(s)

1. ATM Card required for (please tick √ the empty box)


                 All  Joint Account Holders

2. Name to be printed (embossed) on the Card (in Capital Letters)                       Date of Birth




3. Please tick relevant requirement from below:

New Card (please tick one)   1. Insta Card                (OR)       2. Personalized Card 

Internet Banking Request                           Mobile Banking Request

PIN regeneration request:-  Net Banking PIN          Mobile banking          Phone Banking PIN        ATM Card Pin

Cancellation of ATM card    {Please provide  card number(s)} --------------------------------------------------------------------------


4. Internet Banking/Mobile banking and SMS alerts: (Please tick wherever applicable. Applicable only for the first time)

Internet Banking
Applicant (1)

Applicant (2)


Mobile Banking

SMS Alert

Mother’s maiden Name


Declarations/Terms & Conditions

I/We declare that above information is correct. I/We authorize Department of Posts to debit/ recover the charges as applicable from time to time from my/our account for withdrawals using my ATM/Debit Card. I/We undertake to maintain sufficient funds excluding the minimum balance stipulated in my account. I/We accept full responsibility for my/our ATM/Debit Card and agree not to make claims against Department of Posts in respect thereto.

Signature/Thumb Impression:-        1st Applicant                                     2nd Applicant                                        3rd Applicant


For Office Use only

Certified that I have verified the documents submitted with this application form and confirm that KYC norms are fully complied with.

Following items issued:-

Insta ATM/Debit Card No. with PIN………………………………………………..

Date of Issue………………………………………………………